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Zendaya’s Stylist Law Roach Says She’s ‘Like His Sister’ After Fans Believe His Retirement Is Because Of Her

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Three days after Zendaya’s Oscars absence, her stylist Law Roach took to Twitter to react to the rumors that she’s the reason behind his retirement on Mar. 15.

Following Law Roach‘s retirement announcement shared via Instagram on Mar. 15, the celebrity stylist took to Twitter to set the record straight about whether or not actress Zendaya, 26, is a part of the reason. “So y’all really think I’m breaking up with Z….. we are forever!”, his first tweet read. “She’s my little sister and it’s real love not the fake industry love,” Law continued in the next post. Finally, the fashion icon concluded his thread with an adorable gif of two kids playing with the caption, “Literally me and zendaya….” The gif’s caption read, “Me & U Must Neva Part,” along with a pink heart emoji.

Soon after he shared those three tweets, many of Law Roach’s 35.6K followers took to the comments section to react to his statements of adoration for the Euphoria star. “I hope Law does what’s right for him and his peace. But the styling for Megan [Thee Stallion] was ESPECIALLY gorgeous and I’ll be sad if this is really the end!”, one admirer noted of the stunning look he did for the rapper at the 2023 Oscars on Mar. 12. Later, one fan quipped that they were relieved that their feud was just a rumor. “I’m so glad – you two are an iconic duo who have given us so much over the years. It broke my heart to think there might be a rift!”, they wrote.

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