Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Fox body Mustangs are finally getting their due | Autoblog

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The Gen 7 Stampede underscores the 1980s pony car’s place in history.

With the launch of the new Stang, I’ve noticed a resurgence in love for Fox Body Mustangs. There were a few on Jefferson and in the Stampede, and there’s actually a fair amount of them still on the road. As far as generations go, it’s a tweener. It’s not mythical like the first gen, nor as criticized as the Mustang II. 

While second generation (1974-78) had to follow an icon and launched amid the ‘70s oil crisis, the Foxes that followed slipped into an easier time. Like much of Gen X, it’s overshadowed by the Boomer First Gen before it and the showy Gen Y and Millennial cars afterwards. The ‘80s were a bit weird. I was there, but with time and perhaps some sepia-toned vision, things from that era are getting their due. 

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