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‘The Bachelor’: Greer’s Fate After COVID Is Revealed As Zach Picks His Final 4

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On the March 6 episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ Zach decided which four women he wants to take him home to their families during next week’s hometown dates.

Seven women remained on the March 6 episode of The Bachelor, but with Greer Blitzer still in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, only six of them had dates with Zach Shallcross this week. It started out with Kaity Biggar‘s one-on-one, making her the first woman to have a second solo date this season. Zach and Kaity furthered their connection and she opened up to him about not having her father in her life, and then also feeling abandoned by the man who had become her father figure. Zach gave Kaity the rose at the end of their one-on-one, confirming that he was ready to meet her family at next week’s hometown dates.

At the after party, the women each got to talk privately with Zach and share even more. Gabi opened up about having ADHD, while Charity assured Zach that she fully trusted him, despite being cheated on in the past. Meanwhile, Ariel let Zach know that she felt she could put her walls down with him, which has always been hard for her to do. Kat knew her conversation with Zach at the after party was important, and she left their talk feeling much better about their relationship than she did earlier in the day.

Before Brooklyn Willie’s one-on-one date, Greer got to finally see Zach since her COVID quarantine was up. Greer was hopeful that there would still be a connection between her and Zach, despite the fact that they hadn’t seen each other in person for almost three weeks (before Greer got COVID, Zach was in quarantine after testing positive himself). Greer told Zach that she still felt strong enough in their relationship to introduce him to her family on a hometown date. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite there.

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