Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Several PFI Members Travelled to ISIS Strongholds to Join Jihad: Officials

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Popular Front of India (PFI) members, who joined the dreaded terror organisation ISIS, always took a long circuitous route to avoid the security dragnet before arriving in conflict theatres like Syria to take part in jihad, officials said. The PFI was banned by the government on Tuesday for five years for allegedly having “links” with global terror organisations like the ISIS and trying to spread communal hatred in the country.

According to documents prepared by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), there were a few cases of youths getting killed or arrested at foreign soil and later being deported back to India. In 2017, Kerala Police received information that some Muslim youths had migrated to Syria and some were planning to join hands with ISIS in its jihad and most of the accused in the case were members of the PFI.

Hamza, a Gulf returnee, was the alleged mastermind behind recruiting Kerala youths to ISIS. To execute his plans, Hamza befriended suitable PFI supporters who already harboured anti-national or anti-establishment sentiments, officials said.

The divisional president of the PFI, Md Sameer alias Abu Safvan, allegedly hatched and conveyed the plan to exit India and enter Syria after taking refuge in different countries to finally join ISIS in Syria. In the process, the accused went to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Turkey and waited for final call to join jihad in Syria, the officials said.

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