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Karwa Chauth And Haryali Teej Are Not Same: Know The Difference Between These ‘Nirjala Vrats’

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We have seen our mommies celebrate the Karwa Chauth festival from a young age. It is one of the most challenging fasts, and we would not even dare to disturb or irritate mums on Karwa Chauth as they would be fasting without even drinking a drop of water. No matter how much we loved seeing her get decked up in pretty clothes, we all wondered why she kept such a difficult fast. And she would always say, ‘Karwa Chauth is kept for the long life of husbands, and it is an honour for them.’

Karwa Chauth is a fast, observed by Hindu women across India with a lot of pomp. It is observed on Chaturthi tithi in the month of Kartik. However, many people often confuse it with Haryali Teej. Many think that it is the same fast, and women are fasting for the good health of their husbands. But in reality, it is celebrated for different reasons, and fasting is different. Check out as we reveal how Karwa Chauth is different from Haryali Teej.

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