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Jean-Luc Godard and ‘French Girl’ Style

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Breton tees, boyfriend shirts, blunt bangs — the late French director influenced generations of designers.

If a single garment has inscribed itself on fashion’s collective memory, it may well be Jean Seberg’s jauntily striped Breton sweater, worn for her role as Patricia in the film “Breathless.” A boyish badge of disaffection, the look was so often reproduced that, as the designer Scott Sternberg observed, “it’s become its own cottage industry.”

But the impact of that sweater, and of that 1960 art house film by Jean-Luc Godard, a pioneer of the French New Wave, who died this week at 91, extends far beyond Ms. Seberg’s wardrobe. The Godard aesthetic — low-key, streetwise and modeled on the romanticized, often unsanitized, world of the Parisian flâneur — has, to some minds, eclipsed the films themselves, surviving as an influence on three generations of style-besotted fans.

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