Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Greg Grippo Calls Out Backlash Over Victoria Fuller Romance: ‘Leave My Mother & Fam Out Of This’

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Greg Grippo won’t stand for haters coming for his family. The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ star responded to the trolls criticizing his romance with Victoria Fuller

Greg Grippo is willing to take any hate regarding his relationship with Victoria Fuller, but he draws the line at involving his family. “Send all the hate that you desire my way, but please leave my mother and fam out of this. Enjoy your Thanksgiving,” Greg wrote on Instagram Story on November 24.

The couple revealed they took a trip to Rome in an attempt to avoid fans, but they were unsuccessful. During the reunion, Victoria and Greg showed off the matching tattoos they got on their trip. “At the end of the day, no one has to understand it or get it and that’s okay,” Victoria said about her relationship. “Everyone can hate us if they f***ing want. I don’t give two f***s because I got this f***er!”

Johnny came out during the post-finale reunion to confirm that he and Victoria were “not engaged anymore.” He added, “We broke up. I want to say I’m good but it really does break my heart that she’s not sitting here next to me as my fiancee right now. This is just uncomfortable.”

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