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Describes A Nightmarish Experience, Taylor Swift Casting Call For The Les Miserables Film

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When Taylor Swift was trying out for a part in the film adaption of Les Miserables in 2012, she was up against one of her favorite characters, Eddie Redmayne. The audition was a nightmare for Taylor Swift.
In essence, I was being considered for two different roles… Swift recounted the experience on Friday’s The Graham Norton Show episode, where Redmayne joined her. “I had the face of Cosette and the range, vocally, of Eponine,” she said.
Swift, who is 32 years old, revealed that she was informed that she would be traveling to London to participate in a screen test alongside Redmayne, an actor whom she deeply appreciates.
I reasoned that “This is not an experience I am going to obtain again in my life,” so I decided to say yes. However, things turned for the worst for the Anti-Hero singer when she was compelled to appear in costume as Eponine, complete with rotten teeth and all.
The moviemakers concluded that Taylor Swift should portray a street urchin from the 19th century for the screen test, and they told her that they would paint her teeth brown to do so.
It occurred to me, “You are going to do that when I meet Eddie Redmayne, right?… ” But no, they made me look like I was on the verge of passing away, and it turned into a nightmare for me right away, Swift added. She said, “When I first met Eddie, I was so nervous that I couldn’t even open my mouth to speak!”
Redmayne, who is now 40 years old, stated that the sequence they worked on together left him scarred because of how close he had to come to Swift while dealing with a terrible case of foul breath.
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