Saturday, December 3, 2022

Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Deleting Positive Review Of Kim Kardashian’s Product

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Celebrities are known to support each other in their businesses. A lot of times celebrities are the ones promoting their friend’s businesses or just the businesses of fellow stars. However, Bethenny Frankel deleted the first positive review of a Kim Kardashian product which led to some serious questions from fans.

Bethenny Frankel has made some harsh criticisms about the brands of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. She has bashed two products from Kim Kardashian’s skincare line as well as Kylie Jenner’s Birthday PR Box. However, in a now-deleted video on Thursday, she did seem to enjoy Kim Kardashian’s sock line from SKIMS.

While she has initially given a positive review, she quickly took it down because a certain individual who had been all over the news because of their remarks owned a 5% share in SKIMS.

She said, “Brands are often scared about whom they’re going to associate with. It could be Dior associating with someone who has a very dangerous concert or many different areas. That’s sort of a business-brand alignment conversation, but for this video, I’m going to say that’s why I’m taking that video down. I’d say it’s nothing personal… it’s entirely personal, but it’s important.”

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