Saturday, October 1, 2022

‘Andor’ revives Diego Luna’s character in ‘Rogue One’ prequel

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(CNN)A prequel to a prequel, “Andor” brings a gritty tone and look to the “Star Wars” universe, as much the washed-out landscape of “Blade Runner” as George Lucas’ far-away galaxy. Yet whatever promise that entails is mostly lost in flabby storytelling, essentially stretching what would have been a 10-minute movie prologue over the first three episodes.

Disney+ has wisely decided to launch the 12-episode prequel to “Rogue One,” starring Diego Luna as the spy Cassian Andor, with those three episodes, providing a somewhat better sense of the series’ framework than the plodding first installment. It takes until the fourth, however, for this origin story’s plot to come into focus, and by then, “Andor” has already become a bit of a snore.

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