About Us

What we Do

Waba News is a News Website that produce trending news and interesting articles. We produce content from scratch as well as  aggregate news from different content providers using their RSS Feeds.

How we source news

We use RSS and XML Feed provided by thousands of content providers and news companies. We do not scrape websites but use their feeds as it is mentioned in their guidelines of free usage policy. Our team curates the trending news and manually publish them on our site. This gives a personal touch to the content.

Copyright Issues

If the news is sourced from a third party site using RSS Feeds then we put the declaration that we are not originator of news and every news is followed with link – sources of news. Please Contact Us at hello@wabanews.com if you have any issues or copyright complaints and we would be more than happy to cooperate with you the content. If required we would remove the content from our site.